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Cast Your Vote for Knoxville Zoo in the 150 Days of Giving Campaign 

First Tennessee turned 150 years old on March 25.  To celebrate their long tradition of serving their communities, the First Tennessee Foundation is giving away $5,000 to a different non-profit every day for 150 days.  It is called 150 Days of Giving.  The giving started on their 150th birthday.  Here is what you need to know to cast your vote for Knoxville Zoo!

Here is the link to the 150 Days of Giving website and a few helpful pointers  - www.150daysofgiving.com

Please search for Knoxville Zoological Park

  • Once voting begins, anyone can vote for up to 10 different nonprofits each day, from each device they have by visiting www.150daysofgiving.com.

  • We will pick the first winner at midnight on March 25, and the winning organization will be announced on March 26. The winning will continue for 149 more days.

  • Votes will continue to count and add up daily throughout the 150 Days of Giving from March 13-August 21.

  • More details on our guidelines can be found on the Rules tab of the 150 Days of Giving website

These funds would be put to great use in support of a better zoo for everyone. The good news is, votes accumulate each day. There will be 150 winning organizations and with your help Knoxville Zoo can be one them.  On behalf of all of the animals entrusted to our care, we thank you!