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Undergraduate and Research Opportunities

Knoxville Zoo offers programs for undergraduates that provide practical experience for students interested in working in a zoological facility, encompassing the fields of animal care, research, and conservation.

Internship Program                   

Knoxville Zoo's Department of Conservation and Science offers an off-campus study program to provide students the chance to gain hands-on experience working in a zoological facility.  Internships are offered in the animal collection and bird show departments as well as the education and marketing and developement departments.  (Note: Not all departments are available each semester.)  All internship positions are unpaid, and students are responsible for securing their own housing and transportation.  Hourly requirements typically range from
12 - 20 hours per week, and vary by department.  

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Internship FAQs
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Class Tours and Presentations

Knoxville Zoo has partnered with the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University to offer class tours and presentations that give students a broader understanding of the careers available in the zoological field and research techniques that are used by zoological facilities.  Modern zoological gardens require the talents of a diverse group of professionals concerned with conservation of endangered species, the education of the public, and research involved to advance both goals.  Select courses offer a tour of Knoxville Zoo and/or a presentation on careers in the zoological field or specific animal and management topics.  Select courses allow students the option of volunteering at Knoxville Zoo over a period of 4-6 weeks and conducting an observational research or interview project as part of the class curriculum.  Instructors can also arrange for a tour of Knoxville Zoo or a presentation to your undergraduate class by zoo staff.  For more information on tours or class presentations, please contact:
Jennifer Manrod
Curator of Conservation Science
Phone: (865) 637-5331 ext. 389
Email: jmanrod@knoxville-zoo.org

Research Opportunities

Knoxville Zoo is actively involved in on-going conservation and research projects that contribute valuable knowledge about a species, aid in the captive management of various species and the preservation of wild populations.  The zoo offers assistance to student and professional researchers interested in conducting animal management, conservation, exhibition, education and recreation studies on Knoxville Zoo grounds.
If you are interested in conducting a research study on zoo grounds or relating to Knoxville Zoo, you must complete a research application and any additional materials outlined on the application prior to the start of your project.  You may copy and paste the application into Microsoft Word and email the completed application to Jennifer Manrod, Curator of Conservation Science, at jmanrod@knoxville-zoo.org.  You may also print the application and mail it to:
Knoxville Zoo
Attn: Conservation and Science Department
P.O. Box 6040
Knoxville, TN 37914
Undergraduate Research Application
Professional Research Application