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Corporate Partners

Do you want to reach 400,000 of YOUR customers?
Are you targeting men and women ages 25-40 and kids of all ages?
Do you want brand identity at the largest year-round attraction
in Knoxville?

Knoxville Zoo's Corporate Partners Program helps our partners acheive their marketing goals and reach target audiences with their brand messages.  Partnerships with Knoxville Zoo offer quantifiable growth in sales and brand equity, and provide your business with extremely credible cause-related overlay.
Did you know: 
  • 77% of consumers are likely to switch brands or retailers that support a cause
  • 83% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that support a cause
  • 87% of employees are more loyal to an employer that supports a cause (Source: Cone Report, 2001)

Companies seeking to engage consumers in a fun and friendly environment will find the zoo an ideal partner to create memorable, enduring relationships across a wide demographic.

The benefits of being a Corporate Partner with Knoxville Zoo are:
  • Branding through increased corporate visibility
  • Access to customers in a friendly environment
  • On-site sampling, product debuts, and couponing
  • Exposure through advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Association with Knoxville's #1 year-round attraction
  • Participation in the support of a community asset
  • Increased sales through cross-promotional opportunities
Your company can partner with the zoo in a variety of promotions, from high-profile events with extensive media coverage to targeted sampling and trials.  We will work with you to create a cause-related effort to meet your company's needs.  Our consistently strong media relations will extend your message.
We offer a number of opportunities that support Knoxville Zoo's dedication to education, the environment, conservation, and family recreation.  Successful programs are currently being run for U.S. Cellular, ORNL Federal Credit Union, AT&T Real Yellow Pages, Kroger, and Subway among others.
For more information on the Corporate Partners Program and the many unique and effective ways to tap into the loyalty and buying power of 400,000 consumers, please contact Erica Coffey, Sponsorship Coordinator, at (865) 637-5331 or by email at ecoffey@knoxville-zoo.org
Knoxville Zoo is proud to have the support of many different corporations as we celebrate the wonders of the natural world.  Some of our partners include: