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Animals and Attractions

Wee Play Adventure brought to you by    

Knoxville Zoo has a new experience designed to inspire preschool and elementary-aged visitors to take an imagination-fueled adventure! Located n the Pilot Flying J building, Wee Play Adventure involved extensive construction to create a jungle island that gives kids the chance to immerse themselves in an exotic expedition, just like real animal researchers in the field. 

Visitors of all ages can get an intimate view of the zoo's female Komodo dragon, Khaleesi, in a new 1,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor habitat and zoo's juvenile male Komodo dragon, Drogo, in his new home where he has plenty of room to grow. Guests will also have the opportunity to see one of the best giant lizard habitats in the country. Wee Play adventure is the perfect place to encourage creative play and physical activity year-round!


Williams Family Giraffe Encounter 

The giraffe feeding platform is closed for the season. See you in the spring!

Now you can feed the tallest animal in the world at the Williams Family Giraffe Encounter.  A new experience for our zoo guests, the opportunity to feed a giraffe (or at least say hello at eye-level) is now open.  Beginning at 10:30 a.m. each day, guests can opt to feed the giraffe a tempting treat.  Giraffe snacks are available for purchase for $5 and are available as long as that day's allotment of food is available.

Schedules are subject to change as the giraffe will dictate any modifications to the feeding and viewing schedule as we acclimate the giraffe to interacting with guests.  Knoxville Zoo is home to three giraffe; male Jumbe, (prounounced JOOM-bay), and females Patches and Lucille.

The Clayton Family Kids Cove Has Gone Troppo!

Budgie Landing is closed for the season. See you in the spring!

Gone Troppo you say?  It means “gone wild” in Aussie and we’re celebrating a wild new experience in Kids Cove this season.  It’s fun on a stick with budgies at Budgie Landing!  These brightly colored Australian birds are new to Knoxville Zoo and are on exhibit now in the Kids Cove Aviary.  

So grab your anklebiters and get your wriggle on and come visit Budgie Landing mates!  Click here for more information.