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The Clayton Family Kids Cove Has Gone Troppo!  

Knoxville Zoo's popular Clayton Family Kids Cove has "gone troppo" as they say Down Under!  Budgie Landing, an outdoor aviary filled with hundreds of colorful Australian birds, invites guests to come inside while the flock flutters about, for an up-close experience.
These personable little birds may opt to feed on seed sticks (available for purchase at just $1 each), or even perch on guests as they pass through.  This lively flock creates a commotion of color when they are on the move, brushing zoo-goers with their wings as they fly by n a swirl of green, yellow, blue and white.

Native to central Australia, Budgerigars or "budgies" as they are commonly called, are a type of small parrot.  Extremely intelligent and social, they will often live in flocks numbering in the thousands.

Budgie Landing is open daily at Knoxville Zoo and is included with general admission.