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Stokely African Elephant Preserve

Tonka ElephantTrunk-fuls of Excitement

Experience pachyderm-size fun at Stokely African Elephant Preserve and see Knoxville Zoo's largest residents.  Don't get left out of the herd - Tonka, Jana and Edie are waiting to see you!

Quick Facts:

  • Located in Grasslands Africa
  • Opened in April 2002
  • Made Possible by the William B. Stokely, Jr. Foundation
  • Home to three elephants

Special Features:

  • Indoor, air-conditioned and heated visitor viewing area
  • Three outdoor pools
  • Mud hole
  • Natural-looking trees
  • 9,800 square foot barn equipped with padded floors which can be heated.  Hydraulic doors and refilling water troughs.

About the Elephants:

  • Knoxville Zoo has three African elephants, two females, Jana and Edie, and one male, Tonka.

Tips When Visiting:

Take a few minutes to discover the exhibit from the indoor and outdoor viewing areas.  If you visit in the morning, you may see the female elephants taking a bath inside.  If you visit in the afternoon, watch for the elephants playing in the mud hole or pools.

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