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Visit the NEW Animal Encounter Village

Animal Encounter VillageAnimal Encounter Village invites guests to make some close personal friends on their next visit to the zoo. This area features fun activities and the chance to come face-to-face with some of the zoo's friendly animal ambassadors.

In Animal Encounter Village, visitors may have the chance to sidle up to a snake, look a bird of prey in the eye, or get chummy with a chinchilla, to name a few. Kid-friendly activities take place throughout the day, and there's always a chance to touch an animal or a biofact during the interactive program.

Built with the rustic feel of a cabin in the woods, Animal Encounter Village was inspired by the instinctive connection between kids and animals and harkens back to the days when nothing was more fun than climbing trees and seeking out unexpected creatures. Animal Encounter Village also features a play area with giant logs where kids can forage, perch and slither through a "forest", just like the animals they meet.

Animal Encounter Village is now open!

Visit Animal Encounter Village today!

Animal Encounter Village