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Chimp Ridge logoChimp Ridge

Quick Facts:

  • Located beside Gorilla Valley
  • Opened in 1999
  • Home to seven chimpanzees

Special Features:

  • Year round viewing with both indoor and outdoor viewing areas
  • Chimp interactive sound wall
  • Children's chimp nest play area beside the sound wall
  • Glass viewing areas in the lower part of the exhibit where visitors may encounter chimps up close.

GeorgeAbout the Chimps:

This species is renowned for its manufacture and utilization of tools. Of the few animals that use tools, the chimp is the most skilled. Chimps like to throw  objects as well. As a result, the rocks located in Chimp Ridge, are attached to the concrete and cannot be thrown.

ChimpsTips When Visiting:

Knoxville Zoo is home to seven chimpanzees including George, the first chimp born at Knoxville Zoo in 20 years! Take a few minutes to discover the exhibit from the three viewing areas. If the weather is bad or cold, you can see the chimps at the indoor viewing area. If it is a pleasant day, you may have to look hard to find them, but make sure you look toward the tops of the trees!