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Grasslands logoGrasslands Africa!

African Excitement Awaits!

Grasslands Africa! is home to the world's....

  • largest and most powerful terrestrial mammal - the elephant
  • tallest mammal - the giraffe
  • largest bird - the ostrich

Tonka ElephantVisitors will find a giant, 30-foot tall Baobab tree equipped with misters and vines located between African elephants and giraffe.  One ancient hallow Baobab tree in Zimbabwe was so large, that 40 people could find shelter inside its trunk.  Baobabs have also been used as shops, a prison, houses, storage barns and shelters throughout Africa.

Quick Facts:

  • Located between Safari Grill and Mildred's Place
  • Opened August 2002
  • Made Possible by Scott Niswonger
  • Home to African elephants, giraffe, zebra, eland, weaverbirds, greater kudu, common waterbuck and Thomson's gazelle.

Stokely cratesSpecial Features:

  • 30-foot tall Baobab tree equipped with misters and vines
  • Stokely African Elephant Preserve
  • Rocks for scratching
  • Multiple viewing areas
  • Land Rover photo opportunity and play feature

About the Animals:

Grasslands Africa is home to various animals native to the grasslands of Africa including giraffe, eland, zebra, greater kudu, common waterbuck, Thomson's gazelle and African elephants.  Each animal has special adaptations which enable it to survive.  Elephants have large ears that keep them cool when fanned, zebras have striped patterns that confuse their predators, and giraffe have long necks so they can eat from high branches.


Tips When Visiting:

Be sure to check out the multiple viewing areas to see all of the animals featured in Grasslands Africa!