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Kids Cove logoThe Clayton Family Kids Cove

A Zoo Place to Play!

  • Ride the Fuzzy-go-Round
  • Slide through a waterfall
  • Build a sandcastle in a giant sandbox
  • Become a zookeeper or a farmer with costumes and toys
  • Learn how to milk a cow
  • Interact with the Kids Zoo animals in a fun environment
  • Participate in daily programs about the exciting wonders of the natural world
  • Climb into a giant bird nest with eggs
  • Don't miss our exciting animal exhibits - beavers and a songbird aviary

The Clayton Family Kids Cove is one of Knoxville Zoo's most fun-filled exhibits. This children's play area is based on an early 1900s Appalachian farm. While kids of all ages enjoy the zoo, Kids Cove is aimed specifically at those 12 and under.

Kids Cove BarnPlay!

Kids Cove offers plenty of opportunities for play. There is a play cabin, climbing areas, three slides, a spider web, giant sandbox, water play feature complete with squirting frogs, and even a carousel. Of course, there are also lots of great animal exhibits allowing kids of all ages to get close.

Baby goatsAnimals

Many animals in Kids Cove are heirloom species and represent those animals that were found on farms throughout East Tennessee around the turn of the century. The barnyard features animals including goats, llamas, sheep and cows which kids can touch and brush.

Barn Loft logoThe Barn Loft

Located across from the carousel, the Barn Loft features animals typically found in East Tennessee barns including owls, snakes, mice and more. Pose for a memorable photograph as a giant barn owl.


Night Club logoThe Night Club

Nocturnal animals are awake and busy in this nighttime exhibit. The Night Club features species native to Tennessee, but because they only come out at night, the exhibit simulates nighttime so the animals can be viewed in their naturalistic habitats. Skunks, raccoons, and even bats are very interesting creatures to watch in the dark of night!



BeaverBeaver Pond and Songbird Aviary

The beaver pond is a Knoxville Zoo favorite. See the beavers up close as they swim, build dams, and even sneak a peek into their dens. The songbird aviary offers additional viewing of the beavers as well as several species of songbirds native to East Tennessee. See if you can locate all of them as you sit in a giant bird nest!

Kids Cove Nest