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The Boyd Family Red Panda Village 

Red Panda Village logoChanging the Face of Panda Preservation

Since 1978, red pandas have been a big part of Knoxville Zoo.  The first cubs were born in 1979 and since then the zoo has never looked back.  Ninety-three cubs have been born at Knoxville Zoo, more than any other zoo in the Western Hempishere.

Quick Facts:

  • Located off of the East Tennessee Plaza
  • Opened in October 2007
  • Made possible by Randy and Jenny Boyd

Red pandaSpecial Features:

  • Two oudoor viewing areas and one indoor viewing area
  • Walk-through aviary-style exhibit allowing visitors to see red pandas without any barriers
  • Indoor viewing area is able to serve as a nursery as new cubs are born
  • White throated laughing thrush exhibit next to red pandas

About the Red Pandas:

Currently there is one male and two females residing at Knoxville Zoo who are recommended for breeding.  Breeding season occurs early in the year and typically the cubs are born around June.  Knoxville Zoo has had tremendous success breeding red pandas and is a leader in red panda conservation.

Red pandaTips When Visiting:

Look up!  Red panda are often napping in the tops of the trees in their exhibit.  The snoozing red pandas can often be found on a branch with all four legs dangling.