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Clayton Safari Splash 

Have a Splash at Clayton Safari Splash!

Open everyday, weather permitting.

The very fabulous Clayton Safari Splash is now open! At 5,000 square feet, it is the largest splash pad in Knoxville.  It includes play areas that will appeal to everyone from toddlers to teenagers, and there's even an area for the entire family to enjoy a little water fun.

In a stroke of design genius, the play area features two life sized "giraffes" that spout water when kids work together to direct the flow. (We've got to confess, we think that's pretty cool.)  It's also going to have water hoops and loops, team sprays that use cooperative play to send water several stories in the air and colorful larger than life flowers. 

And to really sweeten the pot, all of this fun is INCLUDED with your zoo admission - OR if you're a zoo member, it's included with your zoo membership - so you can play all summer long!

So put on that swimsuit and head to the coolest place in town to see some animals and have a SPLASH at Clayton Safari Splash.