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Thank you for supporting Zoofari 2015, “Guardians of the Forest." On behalf of Knoxville Zoo, we are most appreciative of your generous support! This year's event was inspired by the beloved red pandas and their native and in the foothills of the Himalayas. We also celebrated Knoxville Zoo's work at the forefront of worldwide conservation of this endangered species. Guardians of the Forest is the name given to the Nepalese Villagers who protect endangered red pandas in the wild. Much like them, we are each guardians of our zoo and its habitants who serve as ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild. Beyond its mission to inspire action for wildlife and wild places - our zoo is a cornerstone of our community, Knoxville's most visited attraction, an economic driver for the region and an adventurous and educational place for families to play together.

With the wonderful support, we helped raise more than $390,000 in support of Knoxville Zoo and its programs. During Zoofari and all year long, Knoxville Zoo relies heavily on patrons like you to help us build a better zoo for everyone. Please know your support means the world to us!