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Bring a Piece of the Zoo to Your Classroom!


Available zooboxes include:

Amphibians (Grades 1-6)

The Last Frog - National Geographic Video (27 minutes)
Frog Songs cassette
Salamander toy
Frogs are Disappearing poster
Amphibian Alert Guide
  • Background information
  • Slide program scripts
  • Classroom lesson plans / activities
  • Color slides (59)
  • Game cards, pieces, and wheel (photocopy first)
  • Gameboard

Book: The Salamander Room
Zoogoer Magazine, March / April 2000 (Includes "Frogs: The Rainbow Connection" and "Chasing Frogs and Phantoms: The Mystery of Amphibian Declines")


Biodiversity (Grades 6-9)

Endangered Species and You video (2:30)
Biodiversity! Exploring the Web of Life video
Biodiversity! Exploring the Web of Life - educator's guide to video
WOW (Windows on the Wild) A Biodiversity Primer
Going, Going, Almost Gone - Animals in Danger educator's guide and activities
Windows on the Wild pamphlet
Educational materials pamphlet / catalog


Coral Reefs (Grades 3-12)

National Geographic Society Picture Pack
  • 40 color slides
  • Slide script and activities book
  • Glossary
  • Word search (photocopy first)
  • World map coloring page (photocopy first)
  • Certificate of Achievement (photocopy first)
  • Secrets of a Coral Reef poster (lift and show)
  • Coral Forest brochure
  • 25 Things You Can Do to Save Coral Reefs brochure
Coral Reef Overview poster
Coral Reefs Global Look poster
Coral Forests Teacher's Guide
  • Coral Forest action alert
  • Background information
  • Lesson plans
  • Resources
  • Save the Reef video (30-second Public Service Announcement)
  • *The Fragile Ring of Life video (22-minute and 6-minute versions)
Oceans for the Future
Oceans for the Future: The Making of Marine Protected Areas video (18 minutes)
Oceans for the Future Educational Materials folder
  • There's No Place Like Home brochure
  • The Ocean is in Trouble brochure
  • Related websites
  • Related literature
Keepers of the Reef
Keepers of the Reef Underwater Portraits video (30 minutes)
Keepers of the Reef Educational Materials folder
  • Related websites
  • Related literature
  • Suggested activities and concepts
  • Snorkeling tips
  • 25 Things You Can Do to Save Coral Reefs
  • Coloring pages (5) (photocopy first)
  • Classroom coral reef activity page
  • Creatures in the Coral activity page


Discover Bats!

  • Kids Discover Bats video - Preschool to 2nd grade (22 minutes)
  • Discover Bats! video with workbook - 3rd grade and up (47 minutes)
  • About Bats - Educators Activity Book
  • Bats - A Creativity Book for Young Conservationists
  • The Bat House Builder's Handbook
  • Discover Bats! Binder
  • Bats: Mammals that Fly
  • Beautiful Bats
  • Bats: Swift Shadows in the Twilight
  • Welcome to the World of Bats
English / Spanish Books
  • Flowers for Lucia, the Bat / Flores para Lucia, la Murcielago
  • Marcelo the Bat / Marcelo el Murcielago
  • Valentin, a Special Bat / Valentin, un Marcielago Especial
  • Don Sabino, the city Bat / Don Sabino, un Murcielago de la Ciudad
  • Bats of the Eastern United States
  • Exploring the Secret World of Bats (Bat Conservation International)
  • Bat Facts (five sheets)
  • 2 ropes for measuring wingspan
  • 1 pack of bat picture cards (12 cards)


Habitats: Realm of the Tiger (Grades 3-8)

National Geographic Society Picture Pack
  • 40 full-color overhead projector transparencies
  • 1 teacher's guide for transparencies
  • 1 "Save the Tiger Fund" fact sheet
  • Land of the Tiger (60 minutes)
  • Tigers of the Snow (60 minutes)
Laminated Posters
  • Tiger Faces
  • The Tiger's Fragmented Habitats
Pack of Student Handouts (for copying only) containing:
  • 1 map
  • 1 "Give the Tiger Stripes" coloring page
  • 2 double-sided trivia cards "Adapt-A-Tiger"
  • 3 double-sided trivia cards "Tiger Trivia"
  • 1 double-sided trivia card "What's Happening Here?"
  • 35 single-sided student activity and assessment sheets



Oceans Resource Kit Binder
  • The Ocean Book - Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas (113 pages)
  • The Forgotten Giants Book - information on sharks, tuna and billfishes (64 pages)
  • The Forgotten Gians Activities and Exhibit Enhancements (8 pages)
  • New England Aquarium Conservation Bulletin - Spring '98 Adopt A Reef brochure (3 pages)
  • National Geographic Picture Pack and Teacher's Guide (12 pages)
  • 40 full-color transparencies
The Worlds Below Educational Activity Guide (15 pages)
The Worlds Below video (50 minutes)
  • Magnificent Fish video (15 minutes)
Posters (binder pocket)
  • One Earth, One Ocean, One Life poster
  • Magnificent Fish poster
Unwanted Catch
Unwanted Catch video (17 minutes)
Unwanted Catch packet:
  • Unwanted Catch information booklet
  • Commercial fishing techniques illustrations (2 sheets)
  • Activity sheets (4 sheets)
  • Animal fact sheets (4 sheets)

Surviving Sharks & Nightlife: Creatures of the Deep Packet
Surviving Sharks video (17 minutes)
Surviving Sharks related websites reference pages
Nightlife Creatures of the Deep video (28 minutes)
Nightlife Creatures of the Deep related websites reference pages


Rainforest Kit (Grades K-6)

Vanishing Rainforest booklet
Vanishing Rainforest teacher's manual
Vanishing Rainforest poster Rainforest Layers - Black and White poster
Rainforest Rap Video
35 World Wildlife fund Rainforests Special Report booklets
Ecosystem Survival Plan (Adopt-an-Acre) outline
Adopt-an-Acre and Adopt A Reef brochure
Knoxville Zoo Animal list (rainforest species marked with a star)
Knoxville Zoo Map


Rare Farm Breeds (Grades 1-6)

Noah's Ark Today: Saving Rare Farm Animal Breeds from Extinction
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Slide carousel - 4-part, 77 slide program
  • Supplemental slides with activities
  • Slide program script
  • Activities guide (50 pages)
Lamb wool
Camel hair
Llama hair
Jacob's sheep wool


Wolf Pack (Grades 1-12)

1-page introduction about the red wolf
  • A Howling in America's National Parks
  • ABC Special: World of Discovery - The Wolves (1-hour)
  • Front Runner (30 minutes)
  • Looking at the Wolf: Biology, Behavior and Biases
  • Front Runner Teacher's Guide
  • The Wonder of Wolves: A Store and Activities
  • Wolf Recovery in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Red Wolf: Recovery in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Back from the Brink

  • The Call of the Wild (red wolf reintroduction)
  • Big Hopes for Bold Beasts (grizzly and wolf reintroduction)
  • Saving the Predators: Teaching About the Role of Predatory Animals
  • Welcoming the Wolf Home
  • Return of the Native (gray wolf reintroduction)
  • Teaching About Predators in Elementary Education


Zoo-To-You (Preschool)

Animal Classification Activities Packet (61 pages)
Animal Poems and Finger Plays
  • 5 Little Monkeys (poem / activity)
  • Zoo poems and finger plays sheet
  • Twenty-four animal poems


Mother Goose Goes to the Zoo
  • Grizzwold
  • Sammy the Seal
  • 50 Simple things Kids Can Do To Save the Earth
  • The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes
  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • Zoos Without Cages


  • Black snake skin shed
  • Gaboon viper shed in zoo viewer (plus extra viewer)
Bird Feathers
  • Peacock
  • Emu
  • African Crowned Crane
  • Cockatiel
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
  • Bustard
  • Turaco
  • Green-cheeked Amazon
  • Golden Pheasant
  • Bird Down
  • Sheep wool
  • Camel hair
  • Yak hair
  • Elephant tail hair
  • Genet fur
  • Zebra skin (2 pieces)
  • Chinchilla fur
  • Zebra jaw
  • Tiger jaw
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