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High School Student Research Projects

Are you a high school student interested in science and animals?  Would you like to experience how scientific research is done with animals?  If so, Knoxville Zoo has an exciting opportunity where you can help participate in an animal research study!

Project Overview

Knoxville Zoo student research projects are very intense.  These hands-on projects require a minimum of 36 research hours, where students will observe and record data on one of the zoo's animals using a chart called an ethogram.  This research s usually done over the course of three or four months, and is done on zoo grounds in all kinds of weather. Zoo staff will help guide the students through the project, but they will mostly work independently.  The project culminates with the writing of a scientific research paper and a lunch presentation to zoo staff, both of which are required for successful completion of the project.


We are not accepting applications at this time. Please check back in spring of 2017. For questions, please email KZSchool@knoxville-zoo.org.